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Explore the depths of anynode docs, your hub for comprehensive documentation covering everything from installation guides to nuanced configurations in specific scenarios. With its array of media formats including Technotes, Masterclasses, and instructional videos, this platform stands as the central repository for mastering anynode's capabilities. Immerse yourself to discover, learn, and wield the adaptable power of anynode, simplifying complexities and propelling your journey with this versatile Software SBC.
Masterclass: Zoom Phone Premise Peering
This anynode Masterclass will show the various aspects of setting up and configuring Zoom Phone Premise Peering and anynode – The Software SBC. The step-by-step guide will cover key chapters, including the Zoom Web Portal Configuration, the Zoom Node, Provider Node, and Routing.
Masterclass: let’s encrypt & Co. with acme
How to master Let's Encrypt and Co. with ACME and anynode – The Software SBC? In this guide, we are going to dive into all the important stuff about using ACME to grab and handle certificates like a breeze. We will also go over what you need to get started and how to set things up on the admin side.
Masterclass: cisco webex calling
Throughout this session, we will delve into every crucial facet of the configuration process, encompassing necessary prerequisites and administrative setups. Upon completion of this Masterclass, you'll possess a comprehensive grasp of successfully configuring Cisco Webex Calling with anynode.
technote: installation & maintenance
This guide details the deployment, operation, and maintenance of anynode – The Software SBC. It includes installation on Windows, Linux, Azure, AWS Marketplace, VMware, and Microsoft Hyper-V. It emphasizes upgrading for critical updates and security and covers data backup and system restoration processes.

video workshops

Explore the world of anynode through our YouTube channel featuring anynode Learning Videos. Dive into a wealth of visual content covering installation, deployment, and configuration processes. Whether you're new to anynode or aiming for advanced techniques, these videos provide step-by-step guidance to enhance your anynode expertise. Join us on YouTube to enrich your anynode learning experience.

new version

fresh version boosted potentials
anynode 4.10 brings exciting enhancements: Let’s Encrypt and other ACME services for seamless certificate management. Azure AD Login, that streamlines access, offering a single sign-on Authentication. SIPREC with voice call recording over SIP endpoints for later analysis. And Supervision Call Forking triggering dynamic call forking, allowing targets to be set via an external supervision server or database sources like SQL, LDAP, or Azure AD